Affiliate Agency & Referral Programs

Affiliate Agency Referral Program

Join Capital Partners Business Affiliate Agency Referral Program to provide the following services below and on this link.

    Up to $25K Working Capital
    Up to $2M Working Capital
    Revolving Business Line of Credit
    Customer Financing
    Alternative Healthcare (ACA & ERISA Compliant)
    Telecom Systems & Managed IT services
    ID Protection
    Equipment Financing

In this Affiliate Agency Referral Program you will have the option to develop your own agency for the above services with the guidance and support of Capital Partners Business Leadership Team (Agency ID # 102585330)

Affiliate Referral Program

Capital Partner Business is a business unit of a parent entity operating for many years. The services in this Affiliate Referral Program are different services than the services in the Capital Partners Business Affiliate Agency Program. Different services and different markets. Consider this as additional business opportunities. In this program the first two service areas are:

    • Real Property Tax Sale Reclamation Processing


    • Private Mortgage Note Cash Out Programs


    Others programs to be announced.

These services are available now, however, the Affiliate registration system will be launched in 2Q22, nevertheless, business transactions will also be honored before the 2Q22 launch period. Please contact us to review.

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